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Here is where it all began - the night FRIEND or FAUX was conceived. What started as a fun idea just for us, turned into a tequila infused, "This is the greatest idea in the entire universe that must be shared with everyone!!" Turns out, we still felt the same way the morning after (take that all you other poor choices made under the influence!). Joking aside, we are four high school/college friends who realized when life took us in separate directions, all we wanted was an excuse to get back together and what better excuse than to play FRIEND or FAUX.


A formal floral designer, lover of all things comedy related and wrangler of 2 boys (3 if you count her husband). You will most likely find her having a love/hate relationship with social media and how it works​ best for business, while silently cursing out Mark Zuckerberg.

Biggest contribution to Friend or Faux: Taking a drunken idea and turning it into reality by getting $#!% done!


A trained dancer/choreographer turned Physician's Assistant.  When she is not busy saving lives she is probably binge watching Grey's Anatomy or spending time with her husband.

Biggest contribution to Friend or Faux: Protecting us from avoidable pitfalls, Making sure we have dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's.  Most importantly correcting us on the anatomically correct body part terms in the game questions.


What doesn't she do?  A client relations specialist and mother of 3 rascals! If she isn't working, she is outdoors somewhere fun in Oregon with her family.

Biggest contribution to Friend or Faux:  

Our formally trained business expert, she knows how to schmooze and understands terms foreign to the rest of the Friend or Faux team.  We also have to thank her for the idea of the BULLSH!T card.


When she isn't busy with her daughter, she is making smiles bright as a dental hygienist. She loves the outdoors, music good manners, and can turn anyones trash into treasure.


Biggest contribution to Friend or Faux:  

Coming up with the idea by simply saying "Let's play a game, I just made it up..."

Friend or Faux is perfect for game night, bachelorette parties,  or the perfect twist on the traditional conversation starter
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