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  • Are you playing Friend or Faux with a group less interested in where you were born and more into hearing about your most awkward make-out story? Play rounds 3 through 5.

  • If you are playing with a group you are not sure wants to know what foods you have used during foreplay, rounds 1 through 3 might be where you draw the line. 


  • Forget the score sheet and pencil. Each player takes turns asking one questions from each round 1-5. 
  • First player reads the question aloud, all other players shout out the correct answer.
  • First player to shout out the correct answer gets to keep the question card as their point.
  • If no one gets it correct, the asking player must draw a new card  to read (from the same round) until it is answered correctly by another player.
  • After all players have asked in question from each round, the player who received the most question cards is the winner!


  • The asking player gets to choose the question from any round when it is their turn.

  • Feeling frisky? Stick to picking questions from rounds 3, 4, and 5.

  • Want to keep your personal life under wraps? Play it safe and ask questions from only rounds 1 and 2. 


  • Is your group ready to get personal fast? Start at round 5 and turn  down the heat as you move towards round1.

Friend or Faux is perfect for game night, bachelorette parties, or the perfect twist on the traditional conversation starter
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